15 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Environmental Friendly Green

Blinds, curtains and roller shades are also a great way to keep cold and heat out of your home. Choose natural textiles and products without harmful chemicals to spruce up your decor and create a more eco-friendly home. You can also save water waste outside by installing a rainwater harvesting system that collects rainwater and stores it for later use.

  • Such natural materials not only use far lesser resources to grow, but they also lend your home an earthy, boho-chic look.
  • Having a warm home, improving comfort and reducing fuel bills are big priorities for homeowners in Scotland.
  • Second, it reduces the demand for municipal water supplies, which helps conserve water.

It has enough capacity to cater for a large family that needs a lot of water. To further avoid wastage from flushing, install dual-flush toilets. These toilets have two flush options https://ecosoberhouse.com/ — one for liquid waste and one for solid waste. The liquid waste flush allows 0.8 gallons of water per flush while the solid waste flush allows 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

Select Environmentally-Friendly Paint

Alternatively, natural cork wallpapers are a great option, since they are made from the bark of cork oak. Switching to non toxic materials like grasscloth, or cotton fibre are not only good for yours and your loved ones health but also great for the environment. If you’re considering renewables, you can check which systems could work best in your home How to make your home more environmentally friendly with this nifty calculator that shows the most suitable options based on your property details. You can use this handy tool to get details and reviews of accredited installers throughout Scotland who can carry out the work for you. You can search, browse and read stories from people who’ve already installed renewables using this handy case study tool.

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  • The importance of making your home eco-friendly can be explained in this way that it saves money in the long run, conserves water, and protects the environment we are living in.
  • Finally, consider landscaping that preserves the property’s original trees and plants as much as possible.

It’s one of the essential characteristics of LED bulbs that makes them ideal for your energy conservation at home. These lights tend to produce heat as their primary electrical conversion before they can generate light. Toilet paper made out of bamboo is a much more sustainable option compared to regular toilet paper.

types of sustainable and eco-friendly homes to get inspired by

Upgrading your curtains and blinds is definitely a great way to maintain the temperature and make your home more environmentally-friendly. Opting for furniture that makes a difference, whether it’s upcycled or made of earth-friendly materials, means you get to enjoy it guilt free, while your health can reap the benefits. There are so many furniture brands out there that seek to provide customer- and environment-safe products. By adding native plants and trees to your landscape, you allow less water to be used for irrigation. While this means less maintenance, it also means less use of nature’s resources! Plus, native plants typically don’t need fertilizers or pesticides.