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Maybe in another set of TV scheduling circumstances, Lara would be back in Bobby’s life. But Akerman’s headed toward stardom, and no happy Axelrod marriage is worth depriving her of that. In 2009 Akerman was seen in the comedy COUPLES RETREAT, opposite Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell, Jason Bateman, and Jon Favreau, and co-starred in Zack Snyder’s blockbuster WATCHMEN.


Why Lara From Billions Is Wildly Different In Season 3 – Refinery29

Why Lara From Billions Is Wildly Different In Season 3.

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Christopher Lambert plays swordsmanConnor MacLeodfrom the Scottish Highlands, known as the Highlander, one of a number of immortal warriors who can be killed only by decapitation. After initial training by another highly skilled immortal swordsman, Ramirez , MacLeod lives on for several centuries, eventually settling in New York City, managing an antiques shop. In 1985, he falls in love with a police forensic scientist named Brenda.

Initially awarded a $5 million bonus, Bobby doubled the amount to $10 million. When she asked for a 2% stake in the company, Axe declined and countered with 1% if and when they sell. I would say that I mostly used aspects and moments of my own upbringing to create this character.

Wendy Rhoades

We don’t know, but the mere thought is enough to set the speculation dice rolling. That said, Lara was also more than just Axe’s sounding board. She always did better and maybe, just maybe she would have hit the right plan for Axe to nip the Mike Prince threat in the bud.

  • These indicate some level of narcissism, and while he is aware of it, he is often incapable of letting things go.
  • Some plotlines mirror real-life prosecutions of financial crime by federal authorities.
  • That kind of money would change anybody’s life, but in Lara’s case, she leaves behind a lower-class upbringing and career as a nurse to live an ultra-decadent lifestyle of extreme wealth.
  • Billions is considered the first American TV series to have a non-binary character .
  • “For Lara, it’s high society, and for me it’s Hollywood.” Her character has also learned the value of being able to adapt to her moneyed new environment.

The 37-year-old actress wore a succession of ever more revealing outfits from top designers as she dished about hanging on in Hollywood and ignoring the ‘mean’ comments on social media. Axe’s new adversary, Mike Prince , was getting the better of him, Chuck got perilously close to stringing the billionaire up, and Wendy, now shown as his probable love interest is actually more interested in Nico Tanner . This has led to fans debating if it was time Akerman should be back on the show so the Axelrods could kick some ass. I would much rather see her character making moves on the social scene and fighting the battle alongside him that way than being disgruntled wife. But I for one am thrilled that they’re giving her fewer and fewer lines per episode (today it was only about 3!).

Final Thoughts on Lara Axelrod Billions Moments, and Why I Generally Like Her More Than Wendy

The show debuted to record numbers for network Showtime in January 2016, and continued to bring in average audiences of more than a million each week of its 12 episode run. Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers speaks out on his deep depression after chemotherapy which left him having… Balmain was the designer for Malin’s $3,580 black minidress that was fastened by a lace from her neck to her tummy, revealing her assets all the way down and showing off her long legs.

Highlanderis a 1986 British-American fantasy action-adventure film directed by Russell Mulcahy and based on a story by Gregory Widen. It stars Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown, and Roxanne Hart. The film chronicles the climax of an ages-old battle among immortalwarriors, depicted through interwoven past and present-day storylines.

He would have managed to stay three steps ahead of Chuck and the Wendy-Axe’s probable storyline of having a romance would have either been scrapped or would have seen a new shell-shocking surprise in the form of an affair? These could be a possibility as ‘Billions’ is not alien to common practices in the present-day world. He is willing to risk his good standing and a cushy job by fighting against AG in prosecuting the innocent kid. He is also going after the rich assholes he’s been told to not pursue. He might not be morally superior, but he’s very humane when it comes to the little guys. It’s the powerful people he isn’t concerned about fucking over.

They Are Billions | First Impressions Gameplay!

‘I did in the beginning of my career, and that was devastating. It is a pity that after Åkerman’s exit from the show, there isn’t a character who could match up to be as ruthless as Lara was. While there was a filler in Rebbeca , she wasn’t close to being what Lara was and for that matter for all the platonic romance between Wendy and Axe, it’s doesn’t come close to the character Akerman brought to life.

The series is set primarily in New York and Connecticut. A hopeless cinephile, social media Luddite, certified Nic Cage doppelganger, and a big Weekend At Bernie’s fan, Jake can often be found tucked away in a dark corner watching an old horror movie. Season 6 of Showtime’s hit financial drama Billions is poised for a January 23, 2022 release date. Robert ‘Bobby’ Axelrod is the CEO of Axe Capital, a multibillion dollar hedge fund originally located in Connecticut before moving to New York City in Season 3.

Lara acts like a heavyweight, but the truth is, she isn’t in the ring. She isn’t even in the front row, just the nosebleed sections yelling and trying to push up into the ring. Lara is easily the most worthless character on Billions, and let’s hope she takes an even deeper backseat to the brilliant performances of Wendy and Bobby Axelrod.

  • At one point, he bestows his son Chuck Jr. with a $27 million trust fund, indicating that he has money to throw around in spades.
  • Her one scene this week was being horrified at having to live a paired down lifestyle.
  • In fact, Connerty’s commitment to justice may exceed his boss’s.
  • Through all his faults Axe was a good husband I swear Lara and Wendy are the worst tv wives ever.
  • With all the storylines happening, Season 5 could have seen a jolt with a Lara re-entry.

She wasn’t Axe’s super-ego, but what she was, was a level-headed woman with just as much stake in Axe Capital. It was a defining moment for Axe when he’s caught in a crime that is equivalent to cheating— Lying. It may have led to the power couple calling it quits, but there’s still that ice-cold ruthlessness left in the woman. Lara’s mission sees her ruin June’s world— a cancelled registration from her Barre class, tee time in a spot and her son’s college admission to Stanford declined. She strips June of her sanity with some evil but genius moves. Not to mention the fact that in Lara Axelrod (Malin Åkerman), the wife of this devious billionaire, there was a self-taught, equally ruthless, stylish and aggressive woman who was a perfect foil.

Donald Trump Says Billions And Billions And Billions

Named one of Variety’s 10 Actors to Watch in 2007, Swedish-Canadian actress Malin Akerman has since been tearing up Hollywood with her beauty and charisma, her sharp comedic timing, and her touching dramatic performances. He is obsessed with being the cause of winning to a pathological degree, refusing to take any losses in business or in his relationships. He carefully plans out or puts in his contracts and conversations markers and points to prove he is always up one on whoever he is talking to though he can be unbalanced. His immense wealth and fearsome reputation have prevented him from taking severe losses and helped keep his many enemies as no real threat.

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I understand her anger, this is justified in light of the facts. However, what is extraordinarily childish is not only that she runs away, but takes Bobby’s children away. The kids are just as much Bobby’s as they are Lara’s. I understand their marriage is in a difficult place, but her first thought is immediately herself. She doesn’t even think for a second before telling Bobby that she will not run with him and nor will the kids.

Wags: Like Squanto should have said to the pilgrims, “Get the fuck out of here.”

Cleaning your gun is basically jacking off and it highlights how much he loves a tight squeeze. He’s a great villain and I love how whenever he calls Trump he’s doing the most stereotypical shit ever. The only person more detestable than Lara this year is the fucking AG. Anyone who makes CHUCK seem more humane is a fucking piece of shit. Lara as Bobby’s Lady MacBeth other half was way more interesting. Seems like a lost story telling opportunity to distance her from the action of the prosecution, when she could be pulling strings behind the scenes to save her man and her family.

‘Billions’ Season 5: Malin Akerman’s Lara Axelrod Staying or Leaving? – TVLine

‘Billions’ Season 5: Malin Akerman’s Lara Axelrod Staying or Leaving?.

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The six episode limited series will be available to stream on BritBox. Damian’s production company Ginger Biscuit Entertainment Ltd. to co-produce. As Billions fans know, we saw these two at the end of last season grappling with a strained marriage due to Axe’s business decisions and personal choices. Their war room discussions are another proof of how they strategized to bring competition down.

A large ensemble secondary cast supports the series’ story arcs. When he got arrested at the end of Season 2 and the first thing she secured was the money not even checking up on him it broke my heart. I don’t get it one minute she had the passports ready to leave with him in season 1 but then she’s saying she’s not running away with him. Through all his faults Axe was a good husband I swear Lara and Wendy are the worst tv wives ever. As for this marriage, she really does bring nothing that another good woman can’t bring. And perhaps the worst thing is that she is faithless at the moment when Bobby needs her.

Dollar Bill Stearns is one of Axe Capital’s best earners, yet lives such a frugal lifestyle that it’s hard to pin down his exact net worth. Thankfully, it’s mentioned in passing during one episode that Dollar Bill is worth roughly $30 million. While her loyalties are torn between her boss Axe and her husband Chuck , two bitter rivals, the relationship dynamic has not prevented Wendy Rhoades from doing well for herself. As a performance coach who trains Axe Capital employees how to handle huge monetary swings, Wendy is said to be worth roughly $20 million. Yes — but we’ll have to wait a few weeks for our first sighting of her steely face. According to IMDb, Lara will appear in episode 6, “Maximum Recreational Depth.” Billions’ IMDb pages have yet to be updated for further episodes.

The lara axelrod has been nominated for multiple Satellite Awards, a Critics’ Choice Television Award and an Artios Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy Pilot Casting, the latter for its pilot episode. The show’s coverage of the hedge fund industry has been recognized as realistic. The fifth season premiered on May 3, 2020; however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only 7 of the 12 episodes in that season aired that year. The fifth season resumed airing on September 5, 2021. In October 2020, the series was renewed for a sixth season which premiered on January 23, 2022. From the sixth season onwards, Lewis left the series and Corey Stoll took the lead role as Mike Prince.

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The New York City dining scene, from its special occasion restaurants to yummy hole-in-the-walls, to city institutions and cozy neighborhood joints, make a memorable appearance inBillionsseason two. On September 4, Page Six reported Billions cast and crew celebrated a season three kick-off event with a high-end whiskey tasting at Mario Batali’s Del Posto restaurant. And on September 28 it was reported Damian filmed an intense confrontation with Maggie Siff, who plays Wendy Rhoades, the in-house performance coach at Axe Capital. Go behind the scenes with the cast of Billions as they discuss the good and bad of Lara Axelrod. Don’t miss the Season 3 premiere of Billions, Sunday March 25, 2018 at 10pm ET/PT.